Bella Vista Assembly of God

Welcome New Associate Pastor Jeff & Monna! 

Arts Day Registration

Sunday, June 9, 2019, 8:30AM, 11AM, 5PM

Please read the following details about Arts Day before filling out the registration form.

Arts Day will feature a variety of God-given skills and artistic expressions. Though talent will be displayed, Arts Day is not a talent show, but rather a display of worship to the Lord! The purpose of Arts Day is to glorify God through the abilities He’s given us and to share who He is with others. Each entry should reflect how you see God - who He is to you - or be an expression of your worship to Him. (As such, personal businesses, websites, etc. will not be promoted at this event.) By using displays throughout our building and bringing platform ministry to our morning & evening services, it is our desire to PRAISE THE LORD with the ARTS!

We will have three main categories, but the sky’s the limit on what can be offered within those three categories! All ages are welcome to participate. Collaboration with others is encouraged.  


Categories are:

  1. Art Gallery - This can include photography, painting, sculpting, quilting . . . the list goes on and on!! On the registration form (link below), please describe your entry, including what type of art you’ll be entering, what size it is, and how it will need to be displayed (on a table, free-standing, on an easel, etc.).  

    There will be a limit of two art gallery entries per person. The Art Gallery coordinator, Jean Visnich, will contact you regarding the specific details of your set-up as the date gets closer.
  2. Writing Gallery - Registration form below. Categories can include poetry, short story, novel, nonfiction, essay, devotional, and song lyrics! Please do not bring your original work, but rather a copy that is bound in some way (3-ring binder, stapled, etc.) for safekeeping and to ensure that your work stays together. We suggest that you provide multiple copies so that more than one person may read your work at once.

    There will be a limit of two writing gallery entries per person. The Writing Gallery coordinator, Sarah Coller, will contact you regarding the specific details of your work as the date gets closer.
  3. Platform Ministry - Music, drama, human video, multimedia presentations, and spoken word - all are ways to glorify the Lord and point others to Him. Opportunities will be spread out between both morning services and the evening service for people to share their art. Each entry must be five minutes or less. Space on the platform is limited, though we'll do what we can. Registration form below!

    Since these will take place during service times, there will be a limited number of entries accepted. Group entries are strongly encouraged! There will be a limit of one solo entry per person. The Platform Ministry coordinator is Pastor Elizabeth Lombardi. She will be in touch with you regarding your entry.

R E G I S T R A T I O N   N O W   C L O S E D

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Pastor Elizabeth at