Bella Vista
Assembly of God Church

God, You're So Good

Brett Younker, Brooke Ligertwood, Kristian Stanfill, Scott Ligertwood

In my prayer time this morning, I was praying over BVAG - the pastors, the staff, my care volunteers, my worship team, the needs that are posted in our private Facebook group and on our prayer list. As I prayed, the Lord continually reminded me of His love for each person I was lifting up in prayer. How beautiful is that? It was as if I’d say to my friend, Jesus, “And, Jesus, this one is facing a huge decision right now,” and He’d say back, “I know! I’m going to help him and bless him,” or I’d say, “Lord, I’m concerned about her! She’s having another surgery,” and He’d say, “I know! I’ve already given the surgeon wisdom and moved on the hearts of people to bring meals and I went ahead and gave her favor financially to cover the cost.” That sounds so casual and not really how we view prayer, but, in a sense, that’s what was happening this morning.

It reminded me to continually stop and remember how GOOD our God is. I know He’s big and He answers prayers. I know He’s strong and He can handle anything. I know He’s forgiving and He forgives me when I fail. But, beyond just knowing, it’s so important to stop and reflect on His goodness, praising and worshipping Him throughout each day. He’s not only good. He’s good TO US. What love. 

So since then, this song has been on a loop while I’ve moved on to working on things and checking off boxes on my to do list. A familiar chorus to many with some newer verses added, this song reminds us that there is simply no limit to what can be said about the goodness of our God. God, You’re so good. You're so good to me.

Amazing love

That welcomes me

The kindness of mercy

That bought with blood, wholeheartedly

My soul undeserving

Behold the cross

Age to age

And hour by hour

The dead are raised, the sinner saved

The work of Your power

God, You're so good

God, You're so good

God, You're so good

You're so good to me

I am blessed, I am called

I am healed, I am whole

I am saved in Jesus' name

Highly favored, anointed

Filled with Your power

For the glory of Jesus’ name

And should this life

Bring suffering

Lord, I will remember

What Calvary has bought for me

Both now and forever

God, You're so good

God, You're so good

God, You're so good

You're so good to me