Bella Vista
Assembly of God Church

Graves Into Gardens

By Brandon Lake, Chris Brown, Steven Furtick, and Tiffany Hammer

When I first heard the song Graves into Gardens by Elevation Worship I fell in love with it, BUT I didn’t think it’d be one I’d introduce as a worship song at BVAG. It’s got a little more symbolism than I normally include in a congregational setting, it references a couple of lesser known Bible stories, and the words on that awesome bridge move kind of fast so they’re tricky to learn quickly. Plus, we aren’t currently able to have services in person so I’ve been sticking to really familiar songs for us. But, the more I’ve listened to the song and let it sink into my spirit, the more important its message has become to me. That’s why I’ve chosen to share it with the whole church!


  • The first verse moves us from being lost (first stanza); to being found (second stanza). Then in verse two we see that we’re not merely found, we’re accepted (first stanza); and we’re not only accepted, but by God’s grace and mercy we are pursued (second stanza) - we are loved! 


  • That simple chorusThere’s nothing better than You, Lord…” at first seemed just that - simple. But in these days when we’re not able to meet at church or go to a restaurant or be close enough for a hug, etc, the reminder that our God is good - SO good that nothing is better than Him - is life-giving and life-sustaining! I’m reminded that going next door to El Pueblito is good, but knowing the Lord is BETTER; being at a huge family gathering or hanging out with my group of girlfriends is good, but knowing the Lord is BETTER; and even going to 1771 Forest Hills Blvd for a church service is good - really, really good - but knowing the Lord is even BETTER. There’s nothing better than You, Lord!


Then there are those amazing phrases in that bridge, one more exciting than the one before:

  • You turn mourning to dancing: Taken from Psalm 30, this line reminds us that weeping is temporary, but with Jesus, JOY always comes!


  • You give beauty for ashes: Isaiah 61:1-3 is for all believers who will say YES to God’s anointing on us to spread the Gospel!! Such a powerful prophetic word! Let’s receive it!


  • You turn shame into glory: All throughout scripture, we see the redemption of Jesus, whose cross transforms our sin - our shame - and makes us blameless in His sight, that we may receive eternal life with Jesus and dwell in the glory of the Lord forever!! 


  • You turn graves into gardens: What can I say? A cemetery without bodies is just a pretty flower garden! The tomb of Jesus without the body of Jesus is no longer a tomb! HE IS RISEN!


  • You turn bones into armies: Referencing the incredible story of prophecy and power in Ezekiel 37, this line reminds us that God has the power to do ANYTHING He desires! And He’ll allow us to be a part of what He’s doing! If you’re not familiar with that passage - I’d invite you to read Ezekiel 37:1-14 . . . wow! 


  • You turn seas into highways: Perhaps the most familiar and compelling illustration used in this song is the parting of the Red Sea. Exodus 14 tells us that the LORD will fight for us; we need only be still. The Red Sea didn’t stop an army of men, women, children, and chariots from moving forward and nothing in this world can stop God’s plans for us today!


  • You’re the only One who can - With God, nothing is impossible. NOTHING! Luke 1:37


Regardless of each of our own personal musical preferences, the Word of the Lord concerning our redemption and our victory is for each and every one of us! So, I invite you to join with me in declaring that NO god is greater than the one, true God - He is great and greatly to be praised!!


I searched the world

But it couldn't fill me

Man's empty praise and treasures that fade

Are never enough

Then You came along

And put me back together

And every desire is now satisfied

Here in Your love



Oh, there's nothing better than You

There's nothing better than You

Lord, there's nothing

Nothing is better than You


I'm not afraid

To show You my weakness

My failures and flaws, Lord, You've seen them all

And You still call me friend

'Cause the God of the mountain

Is the God of the valley

There's not a place Your mercy and grace

Won't find me again



You turn mourning to dancing

You give beauty for ashes

You turn shame into glory

You're the only one who can


You turn graves into garden

You turn bones into armies

You turn seas into highways

You're the only one who can