Bella Vista
Assembly of God Church

Holy Ground

by Geron Davis

Just hearing those two words - holy ground - automatically makes me think of Exodus chapter 3, where we read about Moses standing on Mount Horeb in front of that bush that was blazing and bright, but not burning up.

If you’re not familiar with this passage of scripture or it’s been too long since you’ve read it, check it out before reading the rest of this! Read Exodus 3 here.

No matter how many times I’ve seen Charlton Heston stand in front of that tree (1956 Cecil B. DeMille movie “The Ten Commandments'') or marveled at the stunning animation on the newer retelling “The Prince of Egypt” (which honestly does a beautiful job with the visual and musical aspects of this scene), I know that I can never fully picture the wonder of what Moses saw that day. Moses got to see a glimpse of the splendor and majesty of God!! 

Let that sink in - Moses got to see a glimpse of the splendor and majesty of God! 

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like he saw that day, but I think we all long for that glimpse, don’t we? Since God’s Word instructs us so many times to seek Him with all of our hearts, I believe He is willing to continually reveal more of Himself to us as we seek Him and surrender to Him. 

But I don’t want just a glimpse. Moses didn’t just see an awesome sight and feel God’s incredible presence. In that place where He was experiencing more of God than He ever had before, God was asking Moses to stretch outside of himself; to reach outside of his own comfort zone and do what God was asking him to do. God wasn’t just giving Moses an experience for himself. No, He was asking Moses to take what God had given him and use it for God’s purpose. Despite his own shortcomings, insecurities, limitations, fears, and humanity, God had a plan for Moses. In this sacred and holy experience, God would receive all the glory through a broken, imperfect vessel. Moses would get to see God’s mighty hand at work first hand. Would it cost him something? Yes. Fear, embarrassment, anxiety, etc. Would it be worth the price? Absolutely!

When we’re asking for a move of His Holy Spirit - when we’re asking for more of Him -  let’s know and receive that the invitation for God to move in our services and in our hearts means an invitation for Him to have His way in every area of our lives! Let’s give Him complete control of our hearts, our days, our moments, our choices. Will it cost us something? Yes! Will it be worth the price? Absolutely!

(I haven't made a video of this song at the time I'm writing this, but we'll be worshipping together with this song this Sunday night at 6PM. Let's come with expectation!)